welcoming speech OB, Dr. Kurt Gribl:

We were very pleased about numerous representatives of the public life. Due to lack of time, an extensive greeting of all guests of honour was dispensed with. All visitors had understanding for it. The head mayor of the city of Augsburg,

Dr. Kurt Gribl delivered the greeting of the city of Augsburg:

"Welcome. It is nice that so many of you have arrived for this premiere. It really is an important commitment that is taking place here. We live in a time in which we know exactly what injustice has happened in the past. This finds expression in our daily lives, throughout the year, through formats of remembrance culture from the

Reichspogromnacht to Holocaust remembrances and the memory of the Bombennacht and all the things that serve to work through this time. And at the same time we live in a time when we feel that the social media is faster than our archives can give answers or corrections. And that's why it's important that we constantly develop new forms of expression, new formats, so that we don't let the true and the right fade into the background. And to this end, contemporary witnesses and reports on local events are of extraordinary importance. When we discuss and talk about news and history, it is often the case that it is far away in time and far away in distance. If contemporary witness formats are called up, then that has a completely different meaning, then that which is wrong is that which is right and true in our memory and should be the basis of our actions, socially and politically, here and now and on the ground, not far away, but here and now.


I would like to thank all those who have taken this commitment upon themselves to do so. The Friedmann family is well known to me for the many initiatives that drive them in the city of Augsburg, and always fights to ensure that their positions are well received. This is not always easy, because the culture of remembrance must have a decision and acceptance by society as a whole. But it is precisely this approach that is no less meritorious.


I would also like to thank Mr Pröll. Admittedly, it was only now, in preparing for today's appointment, that I noticed how diverse your activities are. That deserves a great deal of admiration and recognition.

Thank you all for being here."

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Middle front: head Mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl (CSU) next to Mayor Reiner Erben (Bündnis90/DIE GRÜNEN), to the right.