"An impressive Movie"

Klaus Wenzel, the Honorary President of the "Bayerisches Lehrer- und Lehrerinnenverbandes"(BLLV):

This film is impressive, dealing with the fate of a Jewish family and their environment, for several reasons. First because of the convincing visual language, second because of the well researched content and third because of the sophisticated content.

It's also impressive, however, that despite the equally shattering and touching story, no form of pathos or emotionalisation was used. Facts are presented objectively, developments are described and episodes are told. No commentary, no evaluation and certainly no indoctrination. The book shows objectively and with a wealth of valuable information which methods the Nazi regime used and with which brutality Jews were first made insecure, then persecuted and finally abused and killed.


The film has since been presented to numerous young people and adults. Experience so far has shown that this medium is ideally suited for use in schools. Whether the focus is on politics or history, on democracy education, religion or ethics: the film always offers not only reliable information, but also impulses for an in-depth examination of our responsibility for strengthening democracy and for the inviolability of human rights. But also for various forms of adult education this film is a valuable and very suitable medium.


Klaus Wenzel

Honorary President of the "Bayerisches Lehrer- und Lehrerinnenverbandes"(BLLV)
Member of the Board of Trustees of the "Förderprogramm Demokratisch Handeln"