Das Team: Dr. med. Friedhelm Katzenmeier

Born and raised in Darmstadt in 1936, where he also experienced the war and post-war years. After attending school there as well as in Opladen and Dillenburg in 1957 he graduated from the Wilhelm v. Oranien Gymnasium there, then studied medicine at the J. W. v. Goethe University Frankfurt / M. with a state examination in 1963 and a Doctorate in Medicine in 1966. After years as an assistant in Frankfurt, Bonn, Hamburg and Friedrichsdorf /Ts. 1972, establishment as a specialist for neurology and psychiatry in his own practice in Augsburg until 1992, then as a socio-medical expert at the "Landesversicherungsanstalt Schwaben", later "Deutsche Rentenversicherung" until 2003, further as an expert for the "Betreuungsgericht Augsburg".

In addition to his professional activities, he worked in social institutions (Diakonie, Caritas, Arbeiterwohlfahrt and Integrationsbeirat Stadt Augsburg) as well as in the German-Turkish Society for Psychiatry. Retired, he resumed former interests (music, languages, literature and philosophy), worked in the Ev. Luther Kirchengemeinde St. Ulrich in Augsburg, and reviewed scientific literature in a medical journal. Particular interest in the history of medicine, especially during the Nazi era, with lectures and publications, including at the "Schwabenakademie Irsee". Currently: participation in the film project "Die Stille schreit"® by Josef Pröll and his wife Miriam Friedmann.