Das Team:   Miriam Friedmann


Miriam Friedmann was born and raised in 1942 in the south of the USA as the child of former Jewish Augsburgers who had to flee in 1933. Most of the rest of her family who stayed back in Augsburg was killed during the Nazi era:

"I was lucky to have a very eventful life as a teenager with longer stays in Italy, where I went to school for almost 2 years and Mexico, where my father was a cultural anthropologist and took the whole family everywhere, which of course made me curious and open to other cultures and situations."

After obtaining a master's degree in pedagogy (Uni of Pennsylvania USA) a professional life with a variety of stations began. Among other things, she participated in the BR Munich (13 Sendungen Telekolleg Englisches Programm); in New York City: primary school teacher (disabled children from socially weak environment); social worker at IRC boarding school. Rescue Committee (refugee care with focus on health); Program Officer at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung UNO Office.  As a sideline, on behalf of the Institute for Contemporary History, compilation of the diary of Hertha Nathorff - followed by concept & participation in BR documentary film "Traumspuren".

Miriam has lived in Augsburg since 2001.
a few of her Activities:  Research & lectures on "a lost chapter of your family history" in the Nazi era; commemorative plaque installed at the former Friedmann House at Martin-Luther-Platz (today Kreissparkasse); stumbling blocks laid by Friedmann/Oberdorfer grandparents, and cooperation with a project group of pupils and teachers on the topic: "Spurensuche am Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium während der NS Zeit" (Tracing traces at the Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium during the Nazi era); in cooperation with Josef Pröll, realisation of the documentary film "Silence screams"®.