we asked: Claudia Roth

 In today's house on Maximilianstrasse in Augsburg, which was "aryanized" by Mrs Hoffmann and her husband, is the Federal Office BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN. The current owner of the house, Mr. Hoffmann, refused any cooperation with us.

We also took the opportunity to ask fundamental questions related to the themes of our film.


We interviewed Claudia Roth on 12 July 2017 in connection with our film "Die Stille schreit®".


Claudia Roth was born in Ulm in 1955.

1974 Abitur.


Dramaturg at the Städtische Bühnen Dortmund and at the "Hoffmans Comic Theater", manager of the rock band "Ton Steine Scherben". Languages: English (f), French (f), Italian (G).


Memberships in Humanistische Union, Pro Asyl, Lesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD), member of the board of trustees of the DFB-Kulturstiftung and board of trustees of the University of Augsburg.


1971 to 1990 member of the Young Democrats, since 1987 member of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (formerly: Die Grünen). 1985 to 1989 press spokeswoman for the Greens in the Bundestag, 1989 to 1998 member of the European Parliament and from 1994 parliamentary group leader of the Greens in the EP; 2001 to 2002 and from October 2004 to October 2013 federal chairman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen.


Member of the Bundestag from 1998 to 31 March 2001 and since October 2002; until 2001 Chairwoman of the Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid; from March 2003 to October 2004 Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the Federal Foreign Office. Vice-President of the German Bundestag since 2013. (Source: www.gruene-bundestag.de)


The questions are abbreviated and only reproduced in a meaningful way.



Local history - how important do you think the topic is?

Historical coincidence has it that the office of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen is located in a house that has been Jewish property of the Oberdorfer family for many decades. It was "Aryanised". Eugen and Caroline Oberdorfer were murdered. 


Mr. Hoffmann, the present owner refuses any contact with us. What do you think about it?