a film by Josef Pröll

with the cooperation of Miriam Friedmann M.A.

The DVD will be released later:

The DVD of this film will be released on September 1, 2019. The film will be shown in cinemas first. We hope you will understand.

We would be very pleased if you order the film before the release date. The order is binding. You will not receive the DVD or the accompanying booklet until the second half of 2019. The film can be purchased in the following forms:


  • for private purposes at a price of 18,90 Euro (without booklet).
  • for private purposes at a price of 24,90 Euro (with accompanying booklet).
  • for public events with Ö- and V-rights at the price of 99,90 Euro (with accompanying booklet).

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Documentary film "Die Stille schreit®"


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A DVD that is only allowed for private use may not be shown publicly.

Pursuant to Section 15 (3) UrhG, a reproduction is public if it is intended for a plurality of members of the public. A majority of persons is already present in the case of two persons.


Nevertheless, we have nothing against it when you watch the film together with family members.  :-)

A copy which is acceptable to the public shall be given a specific number. These DVDs may be shown to the public (e.g. in schools or cinemas). Entrance tickets or so-called "expense contributions" may not be demanded. Also donations for the film event may not be collected. Deviations are possible after consultation with Kreativ Media - Medienproduktion.--> contact us