we asked: Gerd Modert

Unfortunately, we could not highlight the topic of "reparation" in our film as much as we would have liked. Gerd Modert has dealt intensively with this topic and "Aryanization".


We interviewed Gerd Modert on 19 July 2017 in connection with our film "Die Stille schreit®".



1990-1996: Studied History and English in Trier and Colchester (GB)

1997-1999: Employee of the DFG project Environmental History at the LMU Munich

Since 1998: Lecturer at the MVHS

Since 1997: Historian in the Allianz Company History Archive

Since 2002: Head of the memorial work department of the Bildungswerk Dachauer Forum

Dachau Forum >>>



Main topics and areas of interest:

  • Economic and company history
  • History of National Socialism and NS Remembrance
  • European History of Modern Times
  • Theatre and Film
  • Jewish History and City History
  • Cultural-historical journeys

Gerd Modert works, among other things, in historical adult education and in educational work at the Dachau concentration camp memorial site.



The questions are abbreviated and only reproduced in a meaningful way.

Why do you concern yourself with the topic of "National Socialism"?

Does it make any sense for our society to still occupy with the past?

Would you say that the Germans can be called the "perpetrator folk" in connection with "Aryanization"?

What was it like with the "reparations" after 1945?

How was the "Restitution Act" put into practice?

Especially with the experiences of our German history - what can we do about growing right-wing extremism in Europe?